OCEANSTORM FILMS are a fully integrated, forward-thinking Film and TV production company operating out of the Southeast of England, with offices in Portsmouth (Hampshire), Covent Garden (London), and in Bangalore (India). We have brand new facilities in Surrey due to open Q1 2019 with an exciting array of facilities and assets to cater to all filmmakers as part of the emerging 7DM Studios Group.

With over two decades in the business of entertainment, and with a team of technical, management, and financial associates with over four hundred years of experience between them, there is nothing that phases or unsettles us when it comes to creativity or production management in this business. With strong development, production & post-production experience in the Film, TV, Music, and Commercials Sector of the Entertainment Industry we offer a bespoke service to both new and experienced filmmakers, whilst managing a wide range of creative services for associated media too.

Captivated by Storytelling - "Delivering on audience expectation but in an unexpected way."

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