Looking for a ready-made team? Then look no further! With several decades of combined experience working on productions such as The Descent, Harry Potter, and Les Miserables, Oceanstorm Films has all the necessary attributes to manage productions on budget and on schedule. There is a wealth of talent to call upon through extensive contacts operating in all areas of the business, both behind the camera and in front.


There is a healthy slate of projects both feature length and short form constantly available for finance discussions and sale negotiation. It is always open to other options and co-production opportunities, as well as actively seeking commercial material from cross-over platforms to option and develop. Oceanstorm Films is particularly interested in the synergy created between film, concept art and graphic novels - and is actively seeking to develop in those areas.


Oceanstorm Films has the necessary facilities and contacts to see any production concept through all stages of the film-making process and beyond into marketing and distribution. With a solid network of collaborators, and a history of sales and distribution it is able to get finished products into the marketplace. It has an extensive directory of post production facilities, Colour Graders, VFX Technicians, Composers, Sales Agents, and Distributors, all ready to work with it.





Oceanstorm Films is an award-winning, forward-thinking, innovative, and experienced motion picture production company, set up in 2007 by its CEO, Nicholas David Lean, primarily as a vehicle for the development and production of feature film screenplays. Recently it has branched out into the production of short form content, commercials, and experimental film for not only cinematic exhibition and television, but also for online platforms. Development has also begun on projects originating not only from its established collaborative partners but now also on work by other new and talented writers and filmmakers whose fresh voices, smart ideas, and committed approach demonstrate a sound commercial viability - all vital ingredients to securing development support in a fast-moving entertainment industry.


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PROJECT NEWS: 16/12/13

Oceanstorm Films are in talks to produce the $16m budgeted supernatural Naploeonic epic "BASTILLE" with Williams Bulldog Management, written by Nicholas David Lean, with an all-star cast yet to be announced. Production is tentatively scheduled for late Summer 2016. The project will be directed by Nicholas David Lean.for 2014rittenby

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PROJECT NEWS: 26/03/14

Oceanstorm Films are in extended development on two exciting feature co-productions (Marionette, and Shed of the Dead) with Broken Wing Films and Monk3ysInk Films. The budget and cast details on both projects at this time remain undisclosed.

PROJECT NEWS: 02/02/14

Finance discussions have opened on $4.5m MINDHEIST with US producers based in both Washington DC and La. Cast selections are in progress.

Casting continues on THE CANDY HOUSE with A-list talent signed on to this $1.5m dark fantasy / horror fusion.  Ian Whyte is attached, whilst Gillian Anderson, Elijah Wood, and Hayley Atwell are  in extended talks.

Finance meetings set up for 04/14 with Norwegian co-producers on OVERDRIVE as DP John Christian Rosenlund and Stunt Coordinator Curtis Rivers join the $4.5m production. A-list talent including Kate Winslet and Richard Roxburgh are in extended talks to take on the lead roles.

PROJECT NEWS: 03/02/14

Talks are under way on Oceanstorm Film's 'creature feature' script

THE EXHUMED aiming production for Summer 2015 on a sub $1m budget with a handful of the UK's brightest new talents, including Rachel Warren and James Fisher, starring alongside established stalwarts of the industry like Sir Ian McKellen and John Hurt.