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We are a fully integrated, forward-thinking Film and TV production company operating out of the Southeast of England, with offices in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and Covent Garden in London. We have new facilities due to open in Surrey too. With over two decades in the business of entertainment, and with a team of technical, management, and financial associates with over four hundred years of experience between them, there is nothing that phases or unsettles us when it comes to creativity or production management in this business.


Take a look at the depth and breadth of our services, and the productions we have either generated or been a part of, and then speak to us directly about what it is we can do to assist your production. Whatever your needs, we have the ability to not only meet them, but to exceed them !

Never stop creating

Oceanstorm Films are development, production & post-production providers to the Film, TV, Music, and Commercials Sector of the Entertainment Industry. Newly based in Surrey, as well as with offices in Soho, and Portsmouth, they offer a bespoke service to filmmakers, and a range of creatives in associated media.




We have spent the last two decades developing a healthy slate of mainstream, commercial feature film projects with solid social commentaries which are for sale, option, or productio by third parties from an inventory of well crafted and innovative scripts in all genres. A number of those projects are in production development on our own slate, but we continue to keep our ideas fresh and forward-thinking with a handful of new scripts every year.


We have now extended our feature script-writing and development service to other filmmakers. You can bring us your idea, commission us to write the script for you and we'll deliver a production ready screenplay for you. Alternatively you can engage us to help you with the project's dveelopment if you just need an experienced eye to guid you.


If you prefer to buy a pre-existing concept, or even one we have partially developed through treatment stage then these too are available for sale. We also have a selection of really innovative shorts and featurettes for new filmmakers to cut their teeth on. Whilst these are not free, they are modestly priced to encourage only serious filmmakers.

Captivated by Storytelling

"Delivering on audience expectation but in an unexpected way."



Over the years Oceanstorm Films has provided production services to a host of filmmakers as well as producing from our own slate of feature and short projects. Our growing portfolio of productions includes pilot projects for TV, cinematic feature presentations, short format narratives for festival, and TV screened commercials.


We are able to offer production services that include scheduling, budgeting, pitch presentation creation, IM construction, and other financial documents neccesary for investment packs, as well associated services as provided on set in Line Producer, 1st AD, and Unit Production Manager roles.


We have also acted in Consulting Producer, and Executive Producer capacities for feature films, bringing two decades of industry experience, and our valued finance network to third party independent productions. We are open to deals on full producing and co-producing arrangements too, often with partial deferment or back end deals attached.


With a comprehensive 'black book' of contacts sourced over many years of working with top professional crews we can assist you in finding only the best and most appropriate technicians for your project. A tight knit crew, capable of slick and efficient operation will ultimately save your production both time and money.

Striving for Excellence

"A good story, told well, and with a distinct voice,

will always find an audience."




Editing - We aim to ensure that the structure, narrative, pace, and mood of your project matches your original brief and the concept behind your movie or project. In order to do this our editing team works closely with you as producer, or with the director and DoP at all stages of the post production process. Our editing team consists of feature, commercials, and short form experienced technicians with the necessary background to complete your project to the desired standard. They are familiar with the following packages:


FCP 7 - 10


Premiere Pro


Colourista 2

Da Vinci Resolve


Our editing suites are equipped with the latest hardware both PC & AppleMac, and we can offer a selection of editing packages, both offline and online to suit your requirements.


VFX - wither you are seeking simple clean up work, partial or full CGI creation including background and foreground elements, or looking for a VFX Superisor to be with you on set during those all important setups, we can offer you a solution to whateer your needs are.


With a number of highly profficient technicians who have worked on many large profile productions - as varied as Gravity, The Prince of Persia, 300, and Skyfall - expertise in helping you create those visual moments of awe isn't an issue. whether its a feature, a music video, a high-end commercial, or a striking short film, we can tailor our professionals to meet your budget.


Mostly relying upon AppleMac our technicians are experienced in the following VFX packages:


Adobe After Effects




3D Max

Katana & Mudbox


This list is not exhaustive as CGI programmes come and go in popularity.

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